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    Details of Hair Transplant for Men 2019-20

    Hello friends, In today's post we will learn Details of hair transplant for men 2019-20. Under this post, we will know what is the hair transplant and how it is done. I mean to say that we will know the process or procedure of hair transplantation and also discuss the technique of hair transplantation At the same time we also know the history of hair transplants.

    Details of Hair Transplant for Men 2018-19,what is the hair transplant,history of hair transplants.
    Details of Hair Transplant for Men 2018-19

    Details of hair transplant for men 2018-19

    You all know that the problem of hair loss has increased today. There was a time when hair was falling after 45 years But in today's time, small children too have started losing hair. The biggest reason for hair loss is our drinking and environmental pollution. In today's post, you will get details of hair transplantation for men

    Those who have lost their hair or have fallen, it comes to mind what is hair transplant, how it is done etc. So today's post is about hair transplant. If you read the post in full, you will get full information on hair transplants,

    What is Hair Transplant in Details

    Hair transplantation was started in the 19th century. Some grafts of the head were transplanted free by the experts in the bald area.
    Hair transplant is a surgical procedure in which skin specialist surgeon dermatological surgeon. Transplant hair on the bald side of the head. Generally the surgeon, carrying hair from the back of your head, transplants them in the bald part of the front or between the head. Surgeons usually transplant hair in their clinic under local anesthesia
    According to experts, the cause of ephemeral baldness is genetic. There may be different reasons for the remaining cases such as your food.
    Types of Hair Transplantation Process
    There are two types of hair transplantation process
    1. Slit grafts (slit grafts have 4 to 10 hair per graft)
    2. Micro-grafts (only one or two hairs per graft are)
    The graft is actually the living tissue of hair root that is transplanted so that the hair can grow in the bald area too.
    Which of these two processes can be used depends on how dense you want. Hair transplant can improve your look and confidence. Transplanting hair for the following people can be a good option.
    • Men in the head have baldness problems
    • Women who have hair loss problems
    • If someone's hair gets burnt or there is no hair due to injury in the scalp
    • Hair transplants are not a good option for the following people
    • C women with hair in their heads
    • People who do not have enough hair to get hair for transplant
    • People whose head is on their head due to an injury or surgery, called (thick, fibrous trail) marks
    • People whose hair is due to treatment like chemotherapy

    How the hair transplant process is done

    There are two techniques to get the hair out to grow healthy hair on your head. The purpose of both techniques is the same. Both need to provide local anesthesia.
    When your head gets numb, healthy hair follicles are removed from the posterior part of the head. Hair follicles are those of which new hair grow from inside.
    There are two techniques to remove the follicles from head

    1. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

    In this technique, stitches are placed on the place by taking skin from the head of the hair. No change is required from the FUT technique which is going for hair. Due to this technique, there is always a mark on the head, but it gets scratched from the hair and is not visible.

    2. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

    In this technique, each hair follicle is removed separately from the motorized punctuation technique
    Consult a good hair transplant surgeon before deciding which technology you want to get a hair transplant.

    What happens during the hair transplant

    For hair transplants, first of all, the skin of your head is cleaned properly, after that part of your head is numbed by giving local anesthesia. Now one of the two techniques is removed from the place of hair and the stitches are put on it.
    The surgeon makes a small portion of the surgical knife, with the help of a magnesite lens separately. When implanted, these parts give a natural shape to new hair
    In the part of your head where hair transplants are to be done, your surgeon makes small holes from the needle. And then they keep the hair of the separated part in these holes. Your surgeon can do hundreds of thousands of hair transplants in a treatment session.
    After graft, it is stripped for a few days. A hair transplant session takes 4 hours or more
    Your head stitches are removed after about 10 days of surgery. You may need 3 to 4 sessions to get the hair you want. A few months are kept in every session so that old implants are completely cured

    What happens after the hair transplant?

    Your head skin may be slightly worse so you may need to take medicines after a hair transplant surgery, such as
    • pain medication
    • Antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection
    • Anti-inflammatory drug to prevent inflammation
    • After a few days of surgery, most people return to their normal life

    It is not a matter of concern to fall two to three weeks after the completion of the implanted hair surgeries. They have new hair in place. Most people develop 60 percent new hair growth after six to nine months of surgery.

    As the problem of hair fall is increasing, the details of the hair transplantation want to know all people. The way hair transplants are becoming popular as cosmetic products are increasing. Because nowadays everyone has enough time and anybody can do anything to look beautiful, No matter what happens. If you want any information related to Hair Transplant, then comment, you will be given a reply. 

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